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By first listening to your current needs, learning about how your company operates, including typical lead times and work-flow schedules, and discussing your future goals for growth, HCEA can build an expandable platform that will perfectly serve your needs today and still be able to grow with your company as it expands in the years to come. Thus, it is critical to select a web development company that understands your plans and will work with you to develop a web strategy that will serve your needs in future. HCEA is that company.

We are able to provide you with solutions including corporate websites, online sales sites, online software sites, selecting appropriate cloud-hosting services, and create and manage your social-networking presence.

The Tools Your Company Needs

HCEA can help you hand select the web tools you need to make doing business online simple and straightforward, then we will build a website that works for you, not one that needs to be worked on.

Depending on your needs we can include a content management solution, multiple website software applications and interfaces, remote database access and e-Commerce solutions to your company, and even equip your site to perform data mining to learn more about your customers to improve your offerings and increase your product appeal.

Break Into New Markets

HCEA has experience in adapting websites and e-Commerce solutions to make international business possible in countries and marketplaces that your competitors are still consider unreachable. This means you can put our experience to use to enter emerging markets and countries that were previously out of your grasp, either due to language barriers, legality issues or e-Commerce incompatibility. 

The key to effectively entering these new markets is to build a complete online solution that combines the ability to reach your customer with a “first touch” introduction to your company or product with the capability to learn even more. Then, provide purchasing options that are secure and customized for their specific location, since not all countries allow or accomplish online buying in the same way.

HCEA gives your company the ability break into new markets where the buying audience is ready for your offerings. We make this possible because we understand how online business works and we are also able to build advertisement campaigns and online representation for your company that speaks directly to your audience in their home country.

Smart, Strong and Beautiful

Your company's website and online framework should work for you around the clock. This means that it needs to be not only robust, but also smart. Building an online destination that attracts steady traffic, allows potential customers to easily learn about and experience what your company has to offer, and ultimately purchase your products in a secure environment takes experience and knowledge.

HCEA's web designers and developers, SEO specialists, social media marketing strategists, and copywriters have the knowledge, tools and experience required to build the web solution your company needs and we will work together with your team to determine both your present and future needs, then go to work building an create an online presence that embodies your company or product's fundamental attributes and branding, and meets your demanding standards.

The end result is an online presence that is as clever and capable as it is beautiful.

Website Development Solutions

Having an online company presence and making your products and services available via the internet is certainly not a new concept. In fact, for the majority of people worldwide the internet is their primary means of discovering, researching, comparing, and finally buying goods and services.

Thus, it should be clear that having a functional, current, accurate and complete website to showcase your offerings is a critical component of success in the modern business marketplace.

HCEA is able to assist you with the website improvements that your company needs, from simply increasing productivity and convenience by implementing web services such as imbedding an e-Commerce solution into your existing website or “revamping” your current site to offer a fresh face to your customers, or we can create a completely new turn-key online solution with as much content and cross-platform connectivity as your company requires to make it easy for customers to discover, experience and buy your products.

In doing so, HCEA employs search engine optimization from the very start of every new project, even before the design can begin, to ensure that all content not only reflects accurately on your company, but also attracts your online audience to your website thanks to organic search optimization, thus saving your company money should you choose to forego pay-per-click web advertising.

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