Utilizing Social Media Sites

Why would a company want to use social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Youku and so on? There are many more reasons than I can list in this brief blog, but here are a few of the top ones:

  1. Social Media sites allow your end user to interact with your brand, company, concepts, products and services on a level they are comfortable with.

  2. Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing Campaign opportunities are endless.

  3. Real customers and end users will continue the cycle of promotion for you.

  4. Links from your social media website can face toward your corporate site building search engine ranking and ultimately create more customer awareness of your company.

  5. If your company is not reaching your audience in a way they want to be found, your competition will find them instead of you.

HCEA are experts at developing social media strategies and then implementing them in a way to promote your company. In doing so, we have dedicated monitors and responders for all of the sites hits, comments, links and effects of this campaign.

In June 2012, PR Daily EU discusses a Study that found 70 percent of Facebook fans are ignored by brands. When a social media campaign is implemented properly constant, daily monitoring can lead to endless opportunity for great publicity. On the other hand, putting a social media site and leaving it alone can cause the feeling of complete abandonment on the part of the customers. They can be on everyday, every hour, or 24x7 and they expect their favorite brands to pay attention to them. This can lead to a total backfire regarding the good you are looking to do online.

The good that comes from monitoring and tactically responding to social media sites can be endless. Every post has the potential to build customer awareness, brand loyalty and trust.


HCEA Strategic Marketing Social Media Campaigns Are All Inclusive

Our years of successful experience in employing social media into our comprehensive strategy allow us to not only construct a successful campaign but monitor it in a way that takes advantage of every open opportunity for enhanced brand building.

J Peterson - Marketing Director - HCEA Strategic Marketing

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