Design is an integral part of your brand. HCEA's professional team of designers can take a very basic concept, like your quick pen-drawing on the back of a napkin, and turn it into the visual tool that creates desire for your product in your customers.

What separates a designer from someone who just has a picture in their head, is skill. Not just the skill to make a sketch that looks like your product, but the skill that comes from experience in translating words or ideas into visual language that is understood worldwide. This involves creating cohesive and adaptable designs for use in your company's branding, marketing and advertisement and visual tools which can be carried forward into the future for packaging, presentation documents, printed material, online use, and internal collateral.

The HCEA Design team understands that every project brings unique challenges and that the key to overcoming is designing with the end product in mind. For example, when designing product packaging, the designer must think three-dimensionally, keeping in mind not only how the packaging will look on the shelf but also designing it for efficient shipping and carton loading to prevent damage to itself or the product inside, all the while keeping the costs for manufacturing the packaging within budget, because an attractive package that can't meet all of these requirements is just desk art.

HCEA offers smart designs that meet your company's visual and practical needs simultaneously. We can you with provide complete design solutions for your entire company, undertaking a total company rebrand or redesign if needed, or simply accomplishing the design work for a single item or product-line.

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  • Company Logo, Letter Head, and Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Product Packaging
  • Catalogs
  • Advertising
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  • Trade Booths / Exhibition Design
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